Search Engine Marketing & Search Engine Optimization

earch Engine Marketing (SEM) is an essential element to establishing new customers through Internet Search. SEM or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) focuses the content on your webpage to target how people search. By increasing the visibility of your website within the Primary and Secondary Search Engines for specific keywords or keyphrases, your ability as a business to succeed increases dramatically by capturing those already looking for your product or service. Search Engine Marketing is a general term that covers two broad and distinctively different areas of Internet and Search Marketing. These include paid search advertising and free (organic) search listings.

Maximizing Visibility Through Targeted Search

Gaining website traffic from increased visibility on Search Engines is broken down into several critically important aspects, each providing different strategic targets and specific benefits. With Social Media becoming more popular than ever, it has generated unique marketing opportunities in it's own right. Targeted Search Solutions include:

  • Paid Search Marketing - The process of generating website traffic by purchasing "paid" advertisements on Search Engines. Paid search is also referred to as pay-per-click (PPC) and cost-per-click (CPC) advertising.
  • Organic or Natural Listings - Organic or Natural Search Engine Listings are those that appear "Free" within Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).
  • Social Media Marketing - The process of generating website traffic through the use of social media including Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, Facebook and others.
  • Local Search Marketing - Local business search services utilizing Google Maps, Yahoo Local, Bing and local directory listings to increase local business visibility.

Drive Traffic, Generate Quality Leads and Close Sales

The very basic principles of marketing consist of generating quality leads and converting those leads into sales. The same principles apply with Search Engine Marketing and SEO. Millions of people every day utilize Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Social Media and Local directories to locate the products and services your business or organization provides. Why not make it easy for those already searching to locate you quickly and efficiently?

The Go2IT Group is a search marketing firm that makes your website relevant by building brand awareness, generating leads and converting sales. Specializing in all levels of Search Marketing including paid advertising (ppc), organic rankings, social media marketing, local search and press release optimization, we intertwine SEO by developing a dynamic branding package that delivers results.

Search Engine Marketing and SEO

Why Does My Website Need SEO?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), also known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the practice of optimizing a web site to increase the visibility (traffic) received from search engines in order to ultimately increase sales.

Web traffic today is mainly powered and delivered by the three major search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo!. Websites that are not crawled by these top search engines miss out on the incredible opportunities search engine indexing provides. Search Engines are the primary method of navigation for most Internet users and research has proven that targeted search engine traffic can provide substantial increases in both exposure and revenue.

The Basics to SEO

Search Engine Optimization involves making small, incremental changes and modifications to parts of your website in hopes of increasing search engine rankings, site exposure and profitability. Coupling these SEO optimization techniques with additional search engine marketing efforts including social media marketing, varying search campaigns, press releases, video marketing and more will have a definitively visible impact on your search rankings, user experience, and overall bottom line.

The Go2IT Group utilizes Search Engine Best Practices straight from Google, Yahoo! and Bing while also constantly assessing the changes in search algorithms and the key areas that effect search engine results. While there are many factors to Search Engine Optimization and no single SEO factor will guarantee high search rankings, these key elements are the foundation for search engine success:

  • On-Page SEO - SEO elements and ranking factors that are directly controlled by the website publisher / SEO professional. Influenced exclusively by design and structure of your website.
  • Off-Page SEO - SEO elements that are influenced directly by site viewers, search engines themselves, and other publishers. Greatly affected by linking structure of other sites to yours.
  • Search Engine Violations or Black Hat Techniques - Unscrupulous and deceitful SEO tactics that could result in ranking penalties or barred from search engines entirely.

On-Page SEO Factors

On-page SEO is completely controlled by the website designer / SEO professional and typically established during the development of the website. On-page SEO needs to be applied to every page since websites are optimized one page at a time and never collectively. It is assumed that the designer is also familiar with the key building blocks and site structure of proper website design as it correlates directly with the fundamental structure of SEO as these two areas are intimately tied to one another. You will quickly notice how these on-page SEO elements are interweaved within our website design best practices.

  • Unique, Accurate and Brief Page Titles
  • Description Meta Tag Population
  • Improved Structure of URLs
  • Simple Directory Structure
  • Website Navigation - Naturally Flowing Heirarchy
  • Use of Site Maps
  • Quality Content - Descriptive Text
  • Keyword Usage - Main, Mid-Tail and Long-Tail
  • Anchor Text
  • Internal Links
  • Optimized Images
  • Proper Heading Tags

Off-Page SEO Factors

The full potential of SEO is realized only when all apects of SEO are performed. Both On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO are critical to effectively produce search engine results. Off-Page SEO is defined by optimizing items external to your site. Some of which you can control, other aspects that you cannot. Off-page factors help raise visibility and provide valuable assistance to the on-page SEO tactics and techniques. Off-Page SEO strategies include:

  • Site Links
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Bookmarking
  • Article Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Press Releases
  • RSS Feeds Syndication
  • Video Marketing
  • Directory Listing
  • Domain Age History

Black Hat SEO - SEO Violations

Most SEO Professionals abide by the guidelines set forth by today's search engines but there are companies and individuals alike that think "tricking" search engines by utilizing unscrupulous and dishonest practices will achieve better rankings. These techniques are often referred to as Black Hat SEO. At all costs, avoid those that guarantee page 1 results by utilizing lesser known or special "techniques" to magically vault you into search engine nirvana and click-through gold. They can and will cause search engine penalties and even remove your site listing altogher.

Avoid these Black Hat Magic Tricks:

  • Duplicate Content
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Hidden Text or Invisible DIV Tags
  • Paid Links & Link Farms
  • Cloaking & Mirror Sites
  • Doorway Pages
  • Content Scraping
  • Bait-and-Switch
  • Domain Squatting

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